Your Greatest Asset Are Your Employees!

I am seeing companies looking carefully at employee health and the benefits of providing wellness programs and activities to increase productivity, efficiency, and decrease downtime. Of course they know that by doing this their sales increase and over all profits as well.

It is important to discern the benefits of the different modalities of health and wellness care being offered in the market-place, and to know what your employees currently need and, over time, be able to change them out. There are some reliable alternative methods to investigate that can that can take an employee the extra nine yards, and are directly applicable to the employee work station, stress levels, or toward manual labor- this is where it is most important, and where most pain and injury come from. Read more

As an example, I know from my own experience that providing a gym, time to run or do yoga, does not mean the employee will be able to interface with the work environment or know the right way to bend or lift without incurring pain or injury. 

An alternative modality of ergonomic training is able to address the employee’s stress levels and habitual patterns of movement and teach them how to think differently and use the body correctly – and I don’t mean measurements and fixed ways of posturing. This must be the top priority for company employees. These skills deal with the whole person, mind and body, and make the highest impact on Muscular Skeletal Disorders and Repetitive Strain injuries, as well as chronic conditions.

As the employee takes control over the tension patterns creating pain, injury, low productivity and lack of interest in the workplace, then stats regarding the benefits of employee health and wellness raises considerably, and so does the bottom line. The employee can now apply these reliable methods, and greater awareness in overcoming stress and pain, in workplace wellness, and to all of life. The company thrives as profitability climbs and downtime is reduced. Read More