Morning Thoughts & Body Aches


So, when you wake up in the morning what runs through your mind? What is your mind-set when you are preparing for work, getting the kids ready for school, or have the day on your mind? Identify stress levels from the get-go.

What is your body up to when you wake up in the morning, and throughout the day? Do you know? Yes, the body and mind thoughts will carry on automatically, but if you have pain or chronic pain then it may be wise to rethink things and begin to keep track of your tension levels. When you tense any area of your body just let it go – all day long if you must.

I am writing about this because in my own life when I am not paying attention to body and mind and let unconscious choices take over, usually something unexpected happens-I trip over something, forget things, and run back and forth wasting time and energy. I have even bumped into someone’s car. Then, when I am at work and I am not all there, I don’t give my best.

When you experience the mind/body connection you make wiser, and yes, conscious choices. You can take control of your thoughts about yourself, your work, and the people around you-which are so necessary to keep harmony in the workplace. 

When you are aware of your tension and sitting habits, and take control of how you are doing daily movement, you develop a stronger back that will support you during the day, and you know how to interface with the workstation-you make wiser choices and identify and change old habits. Now that is a good day!