Tip of the Day Bending, Lifting, Pushing, Pulling

I was in a hospital giving Physical Therapists a Lunch & Learn class.

A gal came in pushing a metal cart with her lunch on it. Her posturing was in a C curve-her upper back hunched over. 

Fortunately, she only had her lunch on it. Most likely her body use would be the same with equipment on it.

What part of her body took the brunt? Yep, you got it! Her upper back and shoulders as well as her hands and wrists, as she was leaning in to the cart. 

Pushing and pulling can cause injury, especially if you repeat it over time, incorrectly.

 It is not about measurements. It is about poor postural habits and using unnecessary brute force. 

There is a way to distribute effort throughout the whole body so you have full power, balance, and leverage when bending, lifting, pushing and pulling; AND be able to identify when you are about to go beyond your limits!

Next class is for house cleaners!