We contacted Rochelle at Corporate Pain Relief because I was having issues with pain and my Physical Therapist suggested getting an Ergonomic Specialist to look at our office setting.

Rochelle was very knowledgeable and worked with us to determine the best possible setting for our offices. She prescribed the right furniture to have as well as positions to reduce injury or pain. She addressed each and everyone’s concerns, even though our allotted appointment time was running over.  

– William Arthur, Head of School, International School of Tucson

Thank you for coming to our business for the ergonomics class, it was very educational. We appreciate your time and expertise!

– Precision Toyota, Tucson, AZ

Rochelle’s work as an Alexander Technique teacher at our facility has been a welcome asset to patient care. Numerous patients realized tremendous postural improvement and were able to make a shift away from re-injuring themselves with newly learned body mechanics. Rochelle has tremendous insight and understanding in both the patient and the practitioner perspective.

– Dr. Derik Anderson, DC, Qualified Medical Examiner

A testimonial on what the Alexander Technique coaching for several months with Rochelle has done for me. At 85 my posture is improving every day and saving my back. I can still play the violin and my control and sound are improving every day. What a wonderful gift at age 85. To be improving rather than deteriorating.

– Jane Schumeman, Violinist

I came to Rochelle for lessons in the Alexander Technique and she helped to change my posture in a way that no other PT or trainer had been able to do. She re-taught me how to sit, stand, walk, and swing a golf club and other every day activities. The information was invaluable and has helped me keep mobile, functional and out of pain for two years.  My golf swing has improved to the point where it is noticeable to my playing partners. I continue to be able to have the active life I enjoy.

– Nancy, Golfer

The Technique’s many benefits for actors include minimized tension, centeredness, vocal relaxation and responsiveness, mind/body connection and about an inch and a half of additional height!

– Kevin Kline, Hollywood Actor

In the spring semester of the University of Arizona OLLI program, Rochelle Reea gave two 2-hour lectures to groups of about forty students. She held the attention of everyone in the room as she got us on our feet, worked on volunteers and presented her own demonstrations. The excitement was palpable and the experience extremely stimulating for a group of retired people who are not giving up on pain-free and vivacious lives.

– Pam Burris, Playwright

I’ve studied the Alexander Technique for nearly 20 years, with many different teachers. Rochelle brings an unusually high level of skill, communication and intent to her gentle and powerful traditional Alexander Technique sessions. It’s marvelous to see her clear directions stay with me, and continue to unfold new connections. I look forward to many more sessions with this gifted teacher.

– Tom Russell, Payson, Arizona

Rochelle’s course was one of the most successful approaches to teaching students to move their bodies and perform massage techniques with correct posture, thus preventing injury to their body.

– Margaret Avery Moon, Owner, Desert Institute Healing Arts

Rochelle is a most perceptive teacher and her knowledge of the Alexander Technique is extensive…the feedback from the faculty and students was extremely positive…I recommend the Alexander Technique to every musician—indeed to every person.

– Dr. Martha Rowe, Dept. of Music, New Mexico State University

“Rochelle Reea has applied the principles of the Alexander Technique to my physical and mental conditions of Parkinson’s disease and rounded skeletal frame resulting from more than forty years practicing dentistry, often in a bent-over-position.

With her gentle manipulation and thoughtful guidance, I have been able to function on a much higher level than expected when afflicted with these conditions.

Daily tasks can be handled with little difficulty and I am able to hike in moderate to difficult terrain 2-4 miles, four or five days a week.

Rochelle is an exceptional therapist and I am most grateful for all she has done for me.” Norman, Tucson, AZ

“To forestall the progression of Parkinson’s Disease I have encountered and benefited from a wide range of physical exercise disciplines. Recently I discovered The Alexander Technique Method of movement re-education.

It is wonderful.  As I enter the 13th year of my condition I treasure Alexander.  It pulls together the other modes of stretching and exercise.  That includes Pilates, Parkinson specific Physical Therapy, massage and other disciplines. 


I recommend the Alexander method to anyone who is suffering from the increase in rigidity that unfortunately particularly affects aging individuals. “  

John Michaels, AZ