Sciatica - Part 2


Here is the promised #2 blog on Sciatica. When you have sciatica there are some things you can do to take the pressure off the nerve. The nerve is being compromised by compression on the spine. This compression includes the neck vertebrae and the weight of the head. If you are slumped, poking your head forward or pushing it back, or tense and rigid in posturing you are compressing the neck and spine. Here is one way to begin the process to eliminate the compression on the spine.

First, let me explain as simply as I can how the body, at its best, organizes all movement through the integration of the neck, head, and back. The neck has to be free of tension for the head to balance properly on the C-1 atlas-right at the top of the spine where the head nods up and down and where you feel that groove in the back of the head. The direction of the head is UP off the atlas. It is not a physical “doing” action but rather your awareness of the fact your head is either compressing the neck vertebrae or gently moving upwards off the C-1 atlas. This takes compression off the neck and spine.

During your day, check in on how you are responding to stress and other stimuli in your environment. In the moment you go to sit in a chair, reach for the keyboard or mouse are you compressing the neck and spine stimulating the sciatic nerve, or not? To prevent, or come out of the compression on the spine and neck, give the following directions to the body and use ease versus abrupt, tense responses to these verbal cues.

  • I allow my neck to be free (free of all tension)
  • This allows my head to release up off the spine ( C-1 )
  • Which allows my back/spine to lengthen