Train the Trainers

  • Safety and Risk Management Trainers
  • Ergonomic Assessment Specialists
  • Occupational and Physical Therapists

This training was given by Corporate Pain Relief at the National Ergonomics Conference in 2017. The audience was Ergonomics and Risk Management Specialists, Physical and Occupational Therapists and HR. Most of the trainers and specialists in the class had pain. Train the Trainers is a program that will help specialists and therapists avoid back pain, MSDs, and RSI, enhance diagnostic abilities, and be able to use the new and valuable methods for helping company employees, therefore lowering costs and absenteeism. 

Train Trainers and Specialists To:

  • Solve their stress and pain issues
  • Identify and solve the causes of back pain, MSDs and RSI 

Benefits To The Company

  • Healthy trainers and employees
  • Lower costs and absenteeism
  • Avoid surgery and drug use

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