On-Site Ergonomic Training

We utilized Rochelle’s services to tailor a training for our staff. It was most informative, and she demonstrated a great ability to work specifically with the spa industry and communicate her techniques verbally and through hands on demonstration. I hope to engage her services in the future.

– Dana Vandeweg, Co-owner & Esthetician, Stellar Spa

The impact Rochelle made in her training with our real estate company was certainly impressive. Rochelle not only physically demonstrated, but  coupled with scientific evidence to substantiate it. At the end of the session overall improved posture was evident and agents went away with a number of techniques to help with stress relief.

– Wendy Brown, Manager, Holmwood Real Estate, New Zealand

My job requires me to sit for long hours and I also must write without access to a desk so I used a lap desk to write on for several years. Over time, I began to develop pain in my back, neck, and right shoulder, wrist and hand. Many health providers provided temporary relief. When I began to work with Rochelle, one of the interventions she provided was an ergonomic consultation. I brought my lap desk to her office and she instructed me in how to sit, adjust the lap desk, monitor my posture, and how to use my writing arm and writing hand, all directed toward proper ergonomics. The next day, I used her instructions and I had absolutely no pain. As long as I remain aware of Rochelle’s ergonomic advice, I remain pain free!

– Deborah Garcia