Posturing in Business is Important

Posturing in business is important. When you look at someone who has a slumped posture, shoulders rounded forward, and they are walking across the room to shake your hand, what is your impression about them and how does that handshake feel? They may be the nicest person, a very important and bright person, but their posturing is saying something else, and so is their handshake.

Now lets look at the other side of the picture-a very stiffly held posture. Chest puffed out and tight, causing the back to over arch and strain to hold the position, and the neck’s curve to flatten and tense. What does their body tell you, and what is their handshake like?

Then you have the person who is in a poised posturing. It is natural. The spine is lengthened, flexible, and the head is balanced freely on top of the spine. The joints are able to perform at their best, so the walk across the room to shake your hand is graceful and coordinated. What is your impression of this person? What was their handshake like?

I bring this up because I am tuned in to how we use our body and what the body’s language is saying. If I had a camera here I could show you the different ways people posture themselves and what the postures would say, but you probably already experienced different types of posturing and handshakes. If not, you may now be more conscious of others, and of your own posturing.

Posturing in business is important for many reasons, such as: job searching, communicating effectively, meetings, public speaking, and your health and wellness. Poor posturing interferes with breathing-thus voice use. It interferes with digestion, and the muscular skeletal system. How you use your body will also translate into what you feel in your emotions and about yourself. I suggest you find that ease and poise and see how you feel. Movement reeducation helps with this, and if done right, can help to change the actual musculature- in even the worse postures.