Movement Re-education - What is That?!

As a babe, we knew instinctually how to move about on the floor to gain the ability to be upright/bipedal. The steps we took to gain that goal resulted in the most perfect, inherent movement system. Head poised on the C-1 atlas, natural use of the joint systems, beautiful poise, no added tension- unless under duress.

Depending on outside situations, we lose that beautiful neck, head and spine relationship, and the use of the joint systems. This is usually because of unconscious bad habits of movement that creep in over time, accidents, poor postural use in daily life, stress that causes body tensions.

There is a way to re-educate and re-produce the principles of upright, free movement.

It can be relearned by professionals who understand the developmental work of Dr Raymond Dart and the Alexander Technique, and as applied to adult movement in daily life and activities.

I am a credentialed Movement Reeducation Specialist from a 3-year training school in the Alexander Technique & Dr Raymond Darts work.

Does the picture here depict your way of mopping a floor?