Mindfulness in Activity


Through new ways of thinking and understanding the body’s movement potential, an employee, ergonomic and health trainer, and CEO can learn to move more mindfully. Therefore, they are more likely to be able to avoid work related stress induced injuries and have a positive impact on existing back pain, Musculoskeletal and Repetitive Strain Injuries.

Optimizing a workstation design alone cannot account for the flexibility, adaptability, and freedom of movement needed to keep an animated interface with the workstation. The employee is able to take a proactive approach by asking herself/himself, “How am I using my body right now at my workstation?” and with mind-body training can use this knowledge of the body and mind to correct any situation. Then self-awareness in activity, and the ability to stop and retrain interfering movement habits during the workday, and life activities, are established.

§ Healthy interface between finger and key, eye and screen is established

§ Bending and lifting are not painful but strengthen and tone

§ Tension patterns are transformed into useful energy 

§ Poise replaces “perfect posturing” 

Balance, breath, and ease are restored, creating an uplifting and powerful feeling of being able to consciously overcome and minimize the typical maladies of the work environment. The hands relay a different touch, the wrists are free of tension, and the back is stronger and more comfortable in meeting the demands of the job for longer periods of time. Injuries are rare, time off work is much less, and the company saves money.