Identify the Cause of Your Pain

Pain and injury comes from performing daily activities through unconsciously using tension, brute force or gripping the different parts of the body repeatedly over time until something gives way. Like water wearing away on a rock, this creates problems or conditions affecting: knee or hip joints, spinal discs, feet, upper body, neck, or causing repetitive strain issues and skeletal muscular pain. It can affect breathing, and other systems of the body such as digestion.

Pain also comes from accidents such as; car accidents and falling down and breaking a bone or damaging the spine. Those accidents usually cause unconscious habit patterns of compensation such as; protecting the area that was hurt by favoring it, which in itself causes an imbalance in the body not detected by the individual.

As well, pain can come from not understanding posture or how the natural movement system works. Many of us were told to “stand up straight,” hold our tummy in, tuck and tighten our butts – even when we walk, bend or lift. We are told to “do” so many things by our teachers, coaches, and medical professionals. And we take all that information in through our unconscious, faulty movement patterns!

Posture is a moving, poised, engaged coordination of the body, rather than a stiffly held back or toneless slumping of the spine. Holding the body rigid effects the structures of the spine, just as slouching effects the spine. Both postures affect breathing and organs of the body.

I hope when you go into your office tomorrow you will be able to put attention on your body and when you feel yourself grip, just let it go. You may notice that you tense quite often. Take action before pain sets in, practicing self-care, because it is harder to get out of pain when you are in it.