Educate the Parents-Save the Children

talking_on_cell_phone 2

This is an article not directly related to my business in the ergonomics aspect of Corporate Wellness field, but one dear to my heart.

I was eating breakfast out with a friend and next to us was a table with parents and two children. One child was drawing pictures on some paper and the other was cruising on the cell phone. The about five-year old child who was busy with her crayons was sitting in perfect poise, using her nodding joint to see. The other child, about six years old, was in a big slouch which was cricking her neck while cruising on mom’s cell phone. A bit later I looked at the child and she was in perfect poise with no cell phone in her hands.

Since I have been in the field of body movement, posture, and pain for over 35 years, I was most interested in this, and sad too. It is nothing new to me to see two year olds with cells in their hands, and I have already done studies on the effects of children carrying heavy backpacks to and around school- not great for their spines- but now we have cell phones for children to contend with. 

I see the need for awareness in the family regarding this situation. That is a tough one, as parents aren’t necessarily aware of their own bodies and therefore don’t look at their children’s postural habits regarding phone use – like the parents sitting next to us at the restaurant. Young children constantly imitate the people around them. They need to maintain their natural body movement of ease and natural alignment or, as a race, we will be morphing into bodies with physical pain and spinal conditions at much younger ages.

 Studies are being done for adults and teens around Muscular Skeletal Disorders from cell phones.

Also studies are happening regarding the EMF radiation coming off cell phones for adults, pregnant women, and now children and teens.

There is a solution – educate the parents and save the children.