Darn, My Back Just Went Out


All of a sudden your back goes out while you were gardening and you are running to the chiropractor. You reached for something in the back seat of your car and pull a muscle. You are at the gym, eagerly pressing weights, and you go that extra yard and, “ouch,” the rotator cuff signals something is wrong, but you ignore it. There are endless stories of how the body seemingly gets hurt out of the blue. But really pain and injury does not come out of the blue-unless you got hit by a car or another situation that you are not in control of. Rather, we are wearing away the body over a period of time, like water on a rock, and then something “goes out” or a disc becomes degenerated.

Chronic pain is pain that has not been taken care of or noticed at its original inception. You often get twinges here or there, or that feeling as if your back is about to go out, or feel a bit of strain in an area, and you ignore it. The body is telling you to pay attention when you feel any discomfort. Consider it a red flag immediately and seek to find the cause of the problem so it doesn’t turn into chronic pain, such as spinal disc degeneration or sciatica. You want to avoid surgery at all costs!

So where do you look to find the cause of the pain or desire to prevent pain? Look at your tension levels-particularly in the neck and back, and then track it down to your feet. You may find you are gripping the floor with your feet or holding your low back and buttocks while you walk or run. You may be all crouched up while driving or at your computer.

When you find the tension then let it go so the body can return to more of its natural springiness and poise. You may have to let it go every 5 minutes because it is a habit you didn’t even know about. Or, you did notice but didn’t know what to do about it. Constant compression on the neck and spine daily and forced postural positioning causes the many pain maladies of our time.

How much can the body handle the compression and strain we put on it before it tweaks, and then “goes out” or produces an injury? It depends on the person’s physical conditions, history of injuries, life style, thinking, and movement awareness.

The Alexander Technique is the most effective way of, not only avoiding pain, injury, and chronic issues, but also teaches you how to get out of the situation you are in currently. It improves all your activities and supremely teaches you awareness in movement.