CEOs Need Health & Wellness Too!

When looking at employee health and wellness, we focus on the employee’s health and wellness, but what about the CEOs? They also work at a computer all day and have a lot of responsibilities, which most likely involves more stress than the employee. Employees can talk amongst themselves about their aches and pains, but CEOs may be grinning and bearing it.

I can attest to the fact that working at a computer all day or doing manual labor incorrectly puts a toll on any body-including a CEO’s body. The corporate environment is a family, and all members are subject to incurring pain and injury.

With the CEOs in mind, and all the hours they must work, I have developed a VIP Day for them. This is the ideal fast-track program for CEOs who are in pain and want to get quick results. 

  • This very personalized program will help to accelerate the CEO on the path to getting out of pain, including chronic pain, and be able to fast track their way to their health and wellness in just one day.
  • The CEO will be able to perform more efficiently and productively in their office environments, decrease missed days at work, and improve business interactions and posturing.
  • The CEO will be able to use the methods and techniques in daily life.
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