Sciatica-Part 1

Sciatica sounds like a scary thing, but have no worries. Even though what I write may be scary to you, most people can get out of having it and can definitely prevent it.

Sciatica can be very uncomfortable or just a mild pain. If it is not addressed, it will most likely become very... Read More

Darn, My Back Just Went Out


All of a sudden your back goes out while you were gardening and you are running to the chiropractor. You reached for something in the back seat of your car and pull a muscle.... Read More

Identify the Cause of Your Pain

blog image for Identify the Cause of Your Pain

Pain and injury comes from performing daily activities through unconsciously using tension, brute force or gripping the different parts of the body repeatedly over time until something gives way. Like water wearing away on a rock, this creates problems or conditions affecting: knee or hip joints, spinal discs, feet, upper body, neck,... Read More

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