Can Furniture Stand Alone?


“Every year 1.8 million U.S. workers experience work related musculoskeletal disorders, WRMDs, and nearly 600,000 of the injuries are serious enough to cause workers to miss work…” International Ergonomic Association

Ergonomic furniture alone cannot impact the muscular skeletal disorders (MSDs) and repetitive strain injuries (RSI) rampant in corporations without training the mind and body of an employee how to interface with the furniture to maximize its use. If done correctly, proper furniture, and a movement and pain education program make a good partnership.

Providing a wholistic, mind/body approach to ergonomics in the workplace goes a long way and boosts the statistics for employee heath as well as reducing health insurance costs.

Corporate Pain Relief, LLC uses unique techniques and methods involving conscious awareness of employee tension patterns interfering with productivity and down-time issues. The ability of the employee to identify and know how to overcome the cause of the MSD or RSI is paramount to the success of an ergonomic and employee wellness program, and the company’s profits.

A Company Health &Wellness Continuum may look like this:

  1. For the new employee (millenniums) entering into corporate training- pain and stress prevention is necessary.
  2. For the existing employee- prevention and new healthy habits are needed.
  3. Then, Wellness training improves productivity.
  4. Then, Wellness Programs improve profitability and lower Health Insurance Costs.