Sciatica – Part 2


Here is the promised #2 blog on Sciatica. When you have sciatica there are some things you can do to take the pressure off the nerve. The nerve is being compromised by compression on the spine. This compression includes the neck vertebrae and the weight... Read More

Sciatica-Part 1

Sciatica sounds like a scary thing, but have no worries. Even though what I write may be scary to you, most people can get out of having it and can definitely prevent it.

Sciatica can be very uncomfortable or just a mild pain. If it is not addressed, it will most likely become very... Read More

Your Greatest Asset Are Your Employees!

I am seeing companies looking carefully at employee health and the benefits of providing wellness programs and activities to increase productivity, efficiency, and decrease downtime. Of course they know that by doing this their sales increase and over all profits as well.

It is important to discern the benefits of the different modalities... Read More

CEOs Need Health & Wellness Too!

When looking at employee health and wellness, we focus on the employee's health and wellness, but what about the CEOs? They also work at a computer all day and have a lot of responsibilities, which most likely involves more stress than the employee. Employees can talk amongst themselves about their aches and pains,... Read More

Darn, My Back Just Went Out


All of a sudden your back goes out while you were gardening and you are running to the chiropractor. You reached for something in the back seat of your car and pull a muscle.... Read More

Posturing in Business is Important

Posturing in business is important. When you look at someone who has a slumped posture, shoulders rounded forward, and they are walking across the room to shake your hand, what is your impression about them and how does that handshake feel? They may be the nicest person, a very important and bright person,... Read More

Identify the Cause of Your Pain

blog image for Identify the Cause of Your Pain

Pain and injury comes from performing daily activities through unconsciously using tension, brute force or gripping the different parts of the body repeatedly over time until something gives way. Like water wearing away on a rock, this creates problems or conditions affecting: knee or hip joints, spinal discs, feet, upper body, neck,... Read More

Pain, Pain, and More Pain

image of pills pain relief

"Studies found that an estimated 25.3 million adults (11.2 percent) experience chronic pain. Nearly 40 million adults (17.6 percent) experience severe levels of pain.  The analysis was funded by the National Institutes of Health’s National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health (NCCIH) and was published in The Journal of... Read More

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