About Rochelle Reea

Rochelle Reea portrait 

Health has been a hallmark of my career since my teenage years. This has culminated in to a career as a seasoned expert in pain relief and non-drug pain management.

Through movement, I educate individuals and empower them to avoid pain and to be able to overcome any existing muscular-skeletal issues.

As a Certified Alexander Technique teacher, earning a three-year training credential, I have helped hundreds and hundreds of people get out of all kinds of pain conditions, and enhance athletic and  performance arts activities.

Problems in the workplace such as Muscular Skeletal Disorders and Repetitive Strain Injuries can absolutely be solved and avoided through employee training, regular assessments, and mind/body techniques that address habitual movement habits and stress.

I have provided interactive, high-energy presentations, and educational workshops including:  trainings, and seminars for companies, events, health and wellness venues, National Ergonomics Conference, medical facilities, universities, spas, performance arts venues, fitness facilities, and learning centers. 

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