The Art of Stopping


That moment of movement- reaching for the mouse, keyboard, and phone – what are you doing with your body? In the moment you need to respond to someone asking you a question or who needs help – what are you doing with your body and is the verbal response automatic? If someone who is agitated comes up to you and demands a response – what are you doing with your body, emotions, and thought process?

All these are good questions to ask your self. It is in the moment of movement, of responding to any stimulus, that we must stop for a moment in time. In that moment we have choice – the choice to respond in poise, free of tension, and in a state of ease and clarity. We get to choose the best words and emotions for the situation, or just take a breath.

Practicing the art of stopping and making a conscious decision, builds a greater conscious awareness within. This ability to engage positive thought and action has a lot of impact on, not only a co-worker’s life, but your own. You become what you think and feel, and that can produce a very positive impact in the work environment.