Neuromuscular Movement ReEducation


The Alexander Technique is neuromuscular movement re-education. It is a hands-on method of education that teaches us how to un-do acquired habits of thought and movement that interfere with the inherent design of the body. When this innate and perfect design of the body is distorted or imposed upon by stresses, misuse, and compensation, we have all kinds of pain such as: sciatica, stenosis of the spine, migraines, joint degeneration. and other muscular-skeletal disorders.

  • The AT is proven to help MS, Parkinson’s, and other movement disorders.

“To forestall the progression of Parkinson’s Disease I have encountered and benefited from a wide range of physical exercise disciplines. Recently I discovered The Alexander Technique Method of movement re-education.
It is wonderful.  As I enter the 13th year of my condition I treasure this method.  It pulls together the other modes of stretching and exercise.  That includes Pilates, Parkinson specific Physical Therapy, massage and other disciplines. 

I recommend the Alexander neuromuscular method to anyone who is suffering from the increase in rigidity that unfortunately particularly affects aging individuals. “  John Michaels, AZ

“Rochelle Reea has applied the principles of the Alexander Technique to my physical and mental conditions of Parkinson’s disease and rounded skeletal frame resulting from more than forty years practicing dentistry, often in a bent-over-position. With her gentle manipulation and thoughtful guidance, I have been able to function on a much higher level than expected when afflicted with these conditions. Daily tasks can be handled with little difficulty and I am able to hike in moderate to difficult terrain 2-4 miles, four or five days a week. Rochelle is an exceptional therapist and I am most grateful for all she has done for me.” Norman, Tucson, AZ

Movement Re-education Offers These Solutions:
  • Pain-free movement, good posture                      
  • Prevent surgery & injury
  • Increase spine health
  • Enhance performance 

Pain can be relieved in a non-evasive, non-drug way through education and effective body movement!           

Humans, from birth, have an inborn pattern of movement and a readiness to explore life. This instinctual growth process provides the means to ideal upright movement and a beautiful relationship to gravity. 

When we apply the principles and methods of the Alexander Technique Neuromuscular Movement Re-education, we can return to our natural ease, poise, and health — and enjoy activities of life, and for many of us, get back to work again!


Pain Relief Awareness & Support Program

 Restore normal function of nerves & muscles
Improve coordination, balance, proprioception

Move with ease

This is the ideal program for those who want to get a jumpstart on overcoming or reducing pain. You will experience a package of ten personalized one-on-one, hands-on coaching sessions applying the Neuromuscular Movement Re-Education. These sessions are tailored to your specific needs and maximum benefits. You will learn new methods to improve movement performance and begin to be able to enjoy life free of pain and stress.

You will experience structural and mind-set changes, a new awareness of your body and its potential to move with ease, and how to use the joint system correctly. This is not an exercise program but applies to any exercise program.

This program includes:

  • Personalized instruction with Rochelle through movement awareness techniques in combination with gentle, non-invasive, clothes-on structural integration
  • Overall body and movement assessment that identifies the causes of your pain issues
  • Personalized plan and how to integrate techniques into your everyday activities: work, sport, performance arts, yoga, exercise, etc.

How to Achieve Your Ultimate Performance

For professional and aspiring-to-be: athletes, dancers, actors, and musicians

  • Re-train the body for optimal use
  • Conquer performance blocks and pain
  • Increase efficiency and endurance                                            
  • Improve sound and vocal production
  • Utilize potential of the body to get in the zone

Through one-on-one training, presentations, workshops or seminars, Corporate Pain Relief offers supreme educational hands-on training, mentoring and strategies for professional, and aspiring-to-be: athletes, dancers, actors, and musicians who want to stay in the game, excel beyond their dreams, and prevent injuries.


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Save Your Body!

Alexander Technique for Massage Therapists
Posture, Movement, & Ergonomics

A Two Day, Intensive Hands-on Class on the Correct Use of the Body

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Rochelle's work as an Neuromuscular Movement Specialist at our facility has been a welcome asset to patient care. Numerous patients realized tremendous postural improvement and were able to make a shift away from re-injuring themselves with newly learned body mechanics. Rochelle has tremendous insight and understanding in both the patient and the practitioner perspective.

Dr. Derik Anderson, DC, Qualified Medical Examiner